Day Care centres at Artha Construction sites

About Us Artha has multiple construction sites where constructions are in full swing with hundred of workers employed by the contractors. These workers bring their children to work and leave them in the site when they are working. The Management of Artha and Trustees of Shishugriha felt that it was their duty and responsibility to provide day care facilities and food to these children as it was a security hazard if they wander in the site when their parents were working. So, SG day care was launched on 11th June 2012 at Grihasta site to provide day care, lunch and snacks to construction workers children who are working at the site.

SG Day care at Grihasta now has 40 children enrolled and they make use of the facility provided. ShishuGriha has employed two caretakers to take care of the children, feed them and engage them throughout the day. Our second day care at Reviera in Chandpura went operational in October and two more are planned in 2014.

If you are interested in sponsoring one day of meals, request you to write a cheque for Rs.2,500 in favour of "Artha Charities" or donate online by clicking here.